Economic Impact : QUICK FACTS

  • In Indiana the state capacity of ethanol is 980 million gallons.
  • Indiana produces 7% of the national capacity and is 6th in production.
  • This translates into $1.5 billion in Direct Capital Investment from state ethanol facilities.

  • One ethanol job produces 6 additional jobs; ex. 550 ethanol jobs = 3,500 indirect full-time jobs.
  • Ethanol jobs have brought about a $255 million increase in household income, $48 million increase in state & local taxes, $499 million increase in Indiana's Gross State Product, and $615 million equity increase in farmland appreciation.

  • A majority of Hoosiers believe that alternative fuels . . .
  • have a positive impact on the state's economy
  • lessen foreign oil dependency
  • are better for the environment
  • should be supported by the government for further development

To learn more about the economic impact that ethanol has on Indiana, please click here.

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